Community for project success in Lean, Digital and Growth.

As part of the GlonetPartners network, you’ll work with the best companies in the world – on your own terms. At the same time, you will have the opportunity to develop your skills in your Excellence Cloud and participate in networking events.

Our exclusive network consists of the best independent freelancers and interim managers. The prerequisite is extensive project, practical and/or consulting experience, as well as professional expertise. 



Why you should become part of our community:

  • Exciting project opportunities with interesting companies
  • No acquisition effort and you negotiate attractive daily rates yourself
  • More flexibility and control over your work. With our overarching service, you can focus on your projects
  • Networking in a community and professional support through our Excellence Cloud

Project Manager

I enjoy creating project plans and implementing these plans with a team. I am a good leader and a good communicator.

Business Analyst

I analyze data and make complex evaluations. I am an expert in Excel and possibly other analytical tools. I can create data simulations, develop KPIs, and visualize my results.

Change Manager

I understand change processes, processes of organizations and people. I have been able to acquire a lot of experience in this field and also a solid theoretical knowledge.

Lean Expert

I am an expert with many years of experience in increasing the efficiency of processes and functions. I like to analyze business processes and cost structures, and develop strategically relevant solutions. I am valued for my extensive in-depth expertise.

Digital Expert

I am an expert or an innovative start-up, specialized in the field of digitalization. As an expert, I have a lot of experience in digital transformation and the implementation of digital solutions. As a start-up, we offer specific software and technology solutions, such as AI.

Growth Expert

My areas of expertise are sales and marketing in B2B. I am able to methodically optimize commercial processes and I have gained experience in Commercial Excellence. Possibly, I’m also specialized on a core subject, such as pricing or sales management.

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