GlonetPartners has been born as a partnership among internationally oriented, seasoned senior professionals intending to serve the global business community.

Operational Excellence

  • Operational Excellence Readiness check
    We execute the excellence readiness check along the whole value chain and evaluate key improvement areas and major drivers for success.
  • Value Chain Optimization
    Improvement of whole value chains and also individual functions.
    We apply methodologies like lean management, six sigma, segmentation, tail management, etc and help clients during the whole transformation process.
  • Organizational Change Management
    Supporting and facilitating the change within an organization by applying specific tools, methods and communication strategies.
  • Net Working Capital Optimization¬†
    Strategic optimization of inventory management, payables & receivables. Optimization of cash management and financing strategies.

Business Expansion

  • Market Analysis (Readiness Check)
    We carry out market studies (e.g. market size, competitor analysis) and build up relationships to the relevant stakeholders and industry experts.
  • Entry & Growth Strategy
    Development of market entry and growth strategies including business-plans. We use our contacts and network to build up relationship with key accounts and contacts.
  • Company Founding & Operational Ramp-up
    Launching business as agent, distributor or full creation of a legal entity.
    Leading business from interim CEO to ramping up the business.
  • China Sourcing Solutions
    We help clients to find trustful and reliable Chinese sourcing solutions or production partners.

Digitalization & Innovation

  • Digital Readiness Check
    We analyze and evaluate the maturity of key components that are critical to success based on the Glonet model for digital competence.
  • Digital Strategy & Digital Transformation Roadmap
    Define tailor-made strategy to close gaps, build up digital capability and define roadmap for company-wide transformation.
  • Omnichannel Management
    Establishing a cross-channel content strategy to improve user experience across all relevant touchpoints. Integrating and orchestrating channels to enhance the experience of engaging with the organization across all channels.
  • Innovation & Design Thinking
    We help clients through innovation design thinking workshops, creation of innovation strategies, evaluation of different ideas and the final implementation.
  • Data Analytics
    From building the infrastructure to identifying use cases, we make sure you can tap in the potential of the data driven insights.
  • Digital Workplace
    Digital collaboration within a company and with customers to make your work more efficient and to keep your business online all the time.
  • ECommerce and Digital Sales Solution
    Turning whole or part business to a digital sales approach. We help to define the strategic direction, to choose the right solution and to support the whole implementation.

Interim Management

  • Interim Head of Sales & Marketing
  • Interim Head of Transformation & Restructuring
  • Interim Head of Digitalization & Innovation
  • Interim Project- and Program- Manager
  • Interim Change Manager